The Life of Leii

July 18th, 2011

Dragons, faeries, mermaids, furry animals called Galompis and the list goes on.
I wonder how the world would be if they were real and living on the same land as us humans.
True the world would find out how much greedy and selfish people there are out there, wanting
to tell every inch of their wishes to faeries and blow feisty fires on those they envy with the use of dragons.
To be honest the world would probably be messed up. You know that creature that I wrote earlier?
A Galompi? Yea! That's a creature I created. It's tall, fat, has two different eye colors and it's furry. It loves to drink
water and never eats, ONLY drinks, the water builds up in their stomach's and stored to make a water feast. VERY fictional,
but full of imagination. Back to what I was talking about..................Imagination is very wide sometimes, imagination can bring you in so many directions that you won't miss reality. BUT I suggest you face reality first.