The Life of Leii
Quotes/Poems By Leii

Friday, July 22, 2011

"I Live to survive
I sleep to gain energy
I touch to feel
I think towards the future
I can do anything with the power of living."
                                                               -Leii S.

"Every scar on your hand tells me your past,
every story worth telling,
every chip nail, every bruise,
Is a person who has experienced, more than I have."
                                                                   -Leii S.

"Those who open their eyes to new things,
are those who love to learn."
                                                           -Leii S.

"Winds blow,
Trees sway,
Droplets of water that fall from the sky, we call rain,
It's all beautiful
Sometimes I even think I'm in a dream."
                                                   -Leii S.

"When you lose that special someone, you realize how short life is."
                                                                                             -Leii S.

"Imagination is wide,
It can go all directions,
If you think hard enough,
one day imagination can turn reality."
                                                      -Leii S.

"Uniqueness is a word to tell people your different from others.
Talk Unique,
Dress Unique,
Be Unique
It's all you."
                                  -Leii S.

"Our life's are like storybooks
they always have a beginning and end."
                                                  -Leii S.